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  • Dear jeepmauler;
    I need some help, my friend. I am trying to get Jeepaholics Anonymous turned around and if you could post on this topic:
    and state how much you would like for the old JA to return, I would grealy appreciate it. Also, if you could write something about how JA would be better with Jason (03RUBICON) then that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    Your friend;
    After rolling down the hill at reiter the belts will be tight and the bump helmet will be on!!!!!Have a good week and i'll see ya some time on the trails!!!
    Yes...... I found the 'dapters on the shipping table....thank you very much!! You sir....are an honerable person!!:D

    I wanted to make sure you got the parts i dropped off at your work, if I find anymore I will drop them by.

    Jeff i know weve been playing phone tag but im gonna be in your area tommarow you want me to drop that trans by
    Jeff Ive got that c4 if your interested in it, the trans was out of a early bronco that I did a NV4500 swap into. The customer told me the trans had been gone through in the last couple of years,granted its been in my garage for a year now but it worked good when it came out. it had a atlas behind it and i have a few different input gears and it has the factory dana 20 adapter on it,I also have the atlas clocking ring that came out of the bronco.let me know if you want it,call me anytime. Steve 405 208-5905
    Hey dude you headed to da pit tomorrow? Ill be up riding with my cousin. Maybe I'll run into you again.

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