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    Should we close the forum?

    Would be great if folks would get on more, and post their builds... I'll try to check in at least once a week.
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    Should we close the forum?

    That said, I'd welcome the resurgence, if it were to happen...
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    Should we close the forum?

    Little late to the game... Lol I love the forums, but agree they are dying... The wealth of information made available was truly gold.... Book face/IG made it sooo much easier to instantly make contact though, that people don't really use the forums for that anymore...
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    Samurai rear spring

    I have a couple stockers...Location?
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    Its been fun

    Funny, Martha Falker...
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    Need BBC engine.

    Moved to the "Wanted" area Tony--- As for your needs, a 98 is gonna be a multi-port EFI engine, unless you swapped it to TBI in the past engine replacement? It's gonna be pretty hard to find a good one, as these engines are now pushing 20 yrs old...As for one from an RV, Brad's right...
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    End of an era

    That's really cool that you guys have options! Congrats!!! :cheer:
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    It's Official...

    Dude, I waffled for over 2 years on whether to sell er... And yep, Local, AND a club member... He's stoked, and has plans... Something about Beer Can V.2... Haha!
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    It's finally happening...

    Congrats Mike! Happy for you Man!
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    It's Official...

    HAH! Well, I've had SOMETHING for goin on 7 yrs now...
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    It's Official...

    It was a fair offer thrown my way. Also, it needed a fair amt of work, after running the poor thing hard for a long time, and frankly I couldn't see blowing it apart to build it, again. Do I miss it, a little, but I know the new owner is gonna go right by it, so I am. Ok... Lol
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    My 50th Birthday bash

    Happy Birthday! :cheer:
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    It's Official...

    Yuk it up ol fart... :kissmyass::haha:
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    It's Official...

    No... SHIT... :redneck:
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    Walker Valley Hefty haul out

    LET'S DO THIS! :awesomework: Thanks for comin out and doing the video again Mikey!!! :cheer::kiss: