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    Drive shaft shortening.

    So who are we using to get drive shafts shortened locally? While I've got it out it'd be good to get my latest Tom Woods fuckup fixed. It needs to be cut down 1.25 inches. No rebalance needed.
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    It's finally happening... eleven days...
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    8.5X24 Enclosed trailer frame material?

    I am upgrading to an enclosed car trailer. All of my wants and needs are ironed out now except for the frame material. With all the reading I've done I'm still undecided, so I wanted to see if anyone here has some input specific to our kind of use. Steel frame or aluminum? Trailer will be...
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    Elbe Hills Busywild 4-18-15

    We ran the Busy this last weekend before the Work Party. It is looking real good right now. I wanted to get back in there Saturday but after digging drainage ditches in the snow all afternoon and running other trails it never happened. So... I'd like to get back up there this Saturday...
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    Evans Creek This Friday evening.

    Anyone from here going to be at Evans this Friday? Just exploring my options.
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    Elbe Hills Elbe 5-3-14?

    Anyone from here going to be out there this weekend?
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    Helmet tech.

    I am taking the mommy wagon racing at the end of the month. They are requiring me to wear a "bitch hat". What do you guys wear and recommend. It must be DOT approved. Not really wanting a full face helmet. Thanks.
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    Memorial Day weekend plans?

    What is everyone doing? :corn:
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    Elbe Hills 12th and 13th, its on.

    I will be at Elbe this weekend from Friday to Sunday morning. 'yankee and I will be camped at the end of the busy. Just changing it up a bit. If anyone wants to run some trails come on up. Keep in mind this is not the time of year for small tires and body panels you care about at Elbe. :beer:
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    Elbe Hills This weekend, 23rd ?

    I'm heading up this weekend. Just wondering if anyone else planned on being up there. :D
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    Dana 44 outer interchangeability.

    I own the most polished turd of a HP44 ever. The axle is built around Chevy knuckles and six bolt spindles with 5-5.5 Chevy hubs. I run Reid Chevy/Waggy knuckles and RCV shafts for traditional spindle. I am switching to Reid Ford style knuckles for the larger spindle hole diameter. I know...
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    This weekend...

    I was just told I have this weekend off. The rig has been down with a blown motor for a couple months. Finished fixing it yesterday, now I need to test it. Little late to plan something so I thought I'd post up here. Who is wheelin what this weekend? I am down for anything. Elbe, Evans...
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    Diesel Shop for VE pump?

    I have a 91 Dodge tow rig that began going to shit on the way home from wheeling. Awhile ago I performed a "top seal" when it started leaking from the vent tube and causing the same symptoms I'm seeing now. It worked for several months but has begun leaking again. I'd like to have the...
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    Elbe Hills This Weekend...

    Anyone doing any wheelin this weekend? There is a strong possibility I'll have this weekend off andd the weather is looking good. Might as well go smash. I'm down for camping and wheelin. Rig has 38s. PM is fine. :beer:
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    Walker Valley Question for my buggy friends.

    How long do you estimate it should take to run all the trails at Walker? From what I've been told the trails tend to form one loop with the V crack somewhere in the loop. I've never been to Walker so I'll need to scout it out anyway. Right now I just want a general idea so I can work out a...
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    NOVA Grants

    As many of us know it is grant approval time in Washington state. Time to tell them what we need and what we do not. I've sent emails out to DNR and more recently the FS regarding the use of my money on public lands. My issue is it seems my emails are only going to DNR and FS reps. They then...
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    Elbe Hills Elbe this weekend 2/4.

    Is anyone planning on wheelin Elbe this weekend? My on call wheelin buddies are dropping like flys. The weather is supposed to be perfect and I wanna go beat up on the new rig. Class, anyone? :corn:
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    Double ended ram limitation.

    I have a PSC double ended ram for my Grand Cherokee. Knowing I have a one ton front axle in my near future I purchased the 8 inch stroke ram. I need to limit the thing down to like 5.5 inches of stroke to work with my current setup. Can I limit an 8 inch stroke ram to 5.5 inches and still...
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    Elbe Hills Elbe this weekend.

    I'd like to hit some trails this weekend and was wondering who will be up there. I'm open to camping as well. Can be there early afternoon Friday until Sunday if the rig stays together. Would like to run with rigs capable of running the Busy in it's current condition. I wheel a Grand...
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    Need my Getrag rebuilt

    So I am about to yard the Getrag out of my 91 Cummins. I am looking for someone ( shop or other) who can rebuild it for me. The Getrag 360 is picky about how it is set up so ideally I'd like to find someone with experience with this particular transmission. Thanks.