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  1. skinny_pedal


    Jim screw him. It's been to long. It not like he's far away :rolleyes:
  2. skinny_pedal

    WTF?! Used tow rig for a decent deal, unpossible?

    My vortec 454 truck just seems better and better:D
  3. skinny_pedal

    Trailer tire hookup

    We just put new tires on the horse trailer. Went with discount and bought the warranty. Sick of paying LesSchwab prices
  4. skinny_pedal

    Bike shop

    PNW Motorsports in Enumclaw. Owner is great.
  5. skinny_pedal

    Moonshiners 4x4 Swapmeet 3-6-16

    Bought 1 of each, thanks
  6. skinny_pedal

    Moonshiners 4x4 Swapmeet 3-6-16

    I can feel the hangover
  7. skinny_pedal

    Anybody ever own a KLR650?

    Decided I needed one. Had a blast riding today
  8. skinny_pedal

    2016 Spanaway Moonshiners Swap Meet thread

    Just jealous of my good looks:D
  9. skinny_pedal

    2016 Spanaway Moonshiners Swap Meet thread

    Shenanigans :redneck::cool::beer::puke::cool::D
  10. skinny_pedal

    Facebook peeps=Lazy

    What bothers me is nobody wants to look for very basic info, that just a simple Google search will show.
  11. skinny_pedal

    What did you get for Christmas that was cool?

    Gift card at the Safe store. So basically just caused me to spend more money:D
  12. skinny_pedal

    Anybody ever own a KLR650?

    I just want it because they are cheap. If I decide I don't like having a bike, I won't loose much on the deal. I'll have one in a couple months.
  13. skinny_pedal

    Christmas lights!

    I never got around to the outside lights. Every time it wasn't raining I was occupied.
  14. skinny_pedal

    early xmas present

  15. skinny_pedal

    After 20 years...

    Flaming piles of poo should get the message thru:D
  16. skinny_pedal

    After 20 years...

    Good luck on a quick sale:awesomework:
  17. skinny_pedal

    Merry Christmas Giveaway #2

    Under User CP. bottom left side, it will say forum donations.
  18. skinny_pedal

    Merry Christmas Giveaway #2

    I am in it
  19. skinny_pedal

    Muncie M20 into a 4wd application?

    That should be quite fun in a little flatty
  20. skinny_pedal

    Everybody's like look eggnog and I'm like