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    Portable propane fire pits Did a few of these with some custom metal work
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    Liberty Trail Closures Meeting 3/26/2016

    More time to reverse the road closures. FS is getting a lot of money to open roads for fire protection this year and years to come. Part of what they are doing is pacifying the enviros. Also look up RS2477 and read up on that Also might want to read up on RS2793 If you want to throw them for...
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    Liberty Trail Closures Meeting 3/26/2016

    That is what I am working on. Should have been in the last meeting when I said that we need to fire from the top down.
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    Liberty Trail Closures Meeting 3/26/2016

    They are planning to close over 300 miles of road on the west side of the cascades this year. Do to funding and not able to maintain the roads to the level of road that it is rated. From the best that I can figure it is about 8 million dollars to keep them open. Or declassify the road. One of...
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    Liberty Trail Closures Meeting 3/26/2016

    Prob show up. They want to close access to my claim. I think I have the legal right to run the close sign for that. But it will suck for the shortcut between claims
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    Does anyone know any history on this big ugly Fly-N-Hi 80's Toyota show truck I've got?

    I had gray custom door panels that I made and a but load of sound deadening in it. I miss that truck.
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    Does anyone know any history on this big ugly Fly-N-Hi 80's Toyota show truck I've got?

    Look around it, did it use to be factory red Back in the day I use to have a red one close to that. Looks like it got lowered about 4" in the suspension. About 20 years ago I saw the wheels that were on mine at a swap meet.
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    LED shop lights!

    Be interesting to see how long those cheap LEDS last. Been down this road already in the house. You pay for what you get, you get what you pay for :awesomework:
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    LED shop lights!

    Been looking at these to try out
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    love new toys..

    Looks like it ot to work........
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    Sheet metal brake

    So is it here yet
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    Forum will be down tonight

    Hay Mike..... It is still working... Just FYI
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    Sheet metal brake

    Note that mild steel is 1/2 width at 16G. It all depends on what you think you are going to do. Personally after my little press brake experiment... I am leaning more towards that. It will take up less room in the shop and be more flexible as far as what it will do and the thickness of material...
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    Air bumps

    I run 4" long on the front and are on them at ride height all of the time. It works for me...
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    Whatcom County Recreation plan

    Who ever does it, be committed to it. It will take a lot of your time.
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    Trying to winch/move a 28' motorhome.

    Petes towing I ready think by the time you get done with everything it will be cheaper
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    Merry Christmas Giveaway #3

    Sweet. enjoy it. If anyone else wants one, send me a message.
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    HANGOVER Run..

    I will be.... somewhere.......
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    What did you get for Christmas that was cool?

    I got bills due in 3 days
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    Merry Christmas

    Thanks Mike. It was a great day off with family and friends