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  1. zukkev

    It's Official...

    After 18.5 yrs, no longer the owner of the Sami...:eeek::RutRoh:
  2. zukkev

    2017 Season!

    Well, Any early success stories??? :corn:
  3. zukkev

    Elbe Hills Scoop...

    What's the scoop on the Area for this coming weekend? Is the campground open for camping, or is it already reserved? Trying to figure out an alternative place, as our Liberty trip is no longer due to the fires...:corn:
  4. zukkev

    Evans Creek Evans creek info...

    Sooo, We were supposed to go to Liberty this coming weekend, but With the fires going on near Liberty, and Naches, with both areas being closed for the fires, Trying to figure out an alternative for our group for this coming weekend... What's the scoop on Evans at this point? Does the...
  5. zukkev

    RRR Show n Shine 2017...

    June 18th! 9-2... We WILL be raffling off a new winch!!! There also will be many other great prizes raffled!!! Hot Dogs/Chips/ NON-alcoholic beverages also available! :D:redneck: Come on out, and hang!!! 164 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Lynden, Wa... we will be using the lot DIRECTLY across from...
  6. zukkev

    RRR Show n Shine June 19th!!! 9am-2pm at Clavicle 3 Off Road

    Coming up---Great event to go to for Father's Day!!!
  7. zukkev

    RRR HEFTY HAUL OUT and TRASHY FOOD DRIVE....April 9th 9am-3pm! Walker valley ORV Park...9-3!!! Food Provided by the PNW4WDA Region 1! ---We have access for trailer parking for those that are coming to help out. -------Discover Pass is waived for this day as long as you sign in/log hours to the event...
  8. zukkev

    Mix-n-Match ???

    Ok, looking at trying to go from 6on5.5 GM to 5on5.5 Ford front wheel hubs using GM spindles... WHAT is the magic mix n match solution? Any part numbers would be helpful! thanks!!!
  9. zukkev

    Happy New Year!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:
  10. zukkev

    North End HANGOVER RUN!

    Location...Deming/ Racehorse is the destination! A pic of the general destination, this taken 2 weeks ago...I don't think anyone has been up since, and it snowed a crapton... Meet Time... 9:30am at the Chevron by the now closed casino...we will be rolling through pretty quick, so be ready! If...
  11. zukkev

    Car Fax Please!!!

    Buddy is looking at this rig, and would like to know a bit about its history! Thanks in advance!!! :cool: 1J4FA39SX3P333762 .... :awesomework:
  12. zukkev

    Caption this....

    Been awhile since we had one.... Annnnnd go! "Dude, you shoulda seen was THIS big!"
  13. zukkev

    Walker Valley RRR's Invade Walker!!!

    Yep, goin' wheelin! Monday--Labor Day the 7th!!! Meet at the parking lot at 9, depart the parking lot by 9:30 AM... Should be a great day!!! :awesomework:
  14. zukkev

    RRR Show n Shine 2015, JUNE 21st in Lynden!!!

    Yep, it's that time of year already!!! We've brought the Show-n-Shine home to Whatcom County!!! JUNE 21st 9am-3pm....Come out and enjoy a day with fellow Wheelers! Lots of prizes to be raffled! The proceeds will go right back into our PNW Trails! Raffle will start right around 2:30pm... If...
  15. zukkev

    Jeepasaurusrex's Jeep/Trailer...
  16. zukkev

    SUNDAY NOV 30...7th Annual Twin Lakes Snow Run...

    Well Fellas, it's that time again (:redneck: yes I stole the pic from the last T.L. Run)!!! If you want breaky, be at the Hungry Bear by 7:30am!!! The depart time from Ye Ol Hungry Bear shall be 8:45am SHARP, fueled and ready to go......It is about a 45 minute drive from there to the DOT...
  17. zukkev

    Walker Valley WORK PARTY...Walker 9:30am.

    I know it's late notice and all, BUT... Heading up to do some rock haulin'/placing...Leaving the main lot by 8:30 to be at the work site at the Skill Building Area by 9:30...There will be an Excavator in the Skills area, so be prepared to not be able to get in due to ongoing work...IF you have...
  18. zukkev

    RRR Show-n-Shine 2014!!!

    3rd Annual Rainier Ridge Rams Show-n-Shine is coming up July 26th!!! CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS!!!
  19. zukkev

    Walker Valley Walker Valley Hefty Haul!!!!

    CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS! Come out and help clean up OUR/YOUR trails!!! ALL USER GROUPS ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME TO THIS!!!! Coming Next Month, June 14th, The RRR's will be hosting a clean up function at Walker Valley ORV! Food will be provided by Whidbey 4x4, and prizes donated by the Rainier...
  20. zukkev

    Outcast4x4 Fun Run 5/17/2014?

    Something I just caught wind of...Is this still a go this coming Saturday the 17th? :corn: