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  1. TreeClimber

    Its been fun

    End of an era.
  2. TreeClimber

    We Got Power back

    Power is nice. We barely got a dusting of snow (south Kitsap County) and no power outages. The did shut schools for a couple days, mostly because of icy road conditions. Oh well.
  3. TreeClimber

    Snakes & Arrows

    Rest in peace. Neil passed. Cancer.
  4. TreeClimber

    Anyone know Ford automatics?

    info; also, disregard the CL I posted then deleted. It was for an UNDERdrive, not an overdrive
  5. TreeClimber

    Anyone know Ford automatics?

    You may be correct. My memory of the correct letters which designated which ford trans may have slipped. I'll google-foo a bit to see what I can see.
  6. TreeClimber

    Anyone know Ford automatics?

    Be very very careful. I had a 1990 F250 with the 460 efi and automatic. The E4OD , which came in prior years with the 351, wasn't available until 1990 for the 460. It was (is) a sub-standard transmission. I made it until 2005 when I sold the truck. At the time I sold the truck, the trans...
  7. TreeClimber

    Abandoned YJ that was burnt

  8. TreeClimber

    Abandoned YJ that was burnt

    email to [email protected] and I'll try and post it for you
  9. TreeClimber

    karl vp
  10. TreeClimber

    Abandoned YJ that was burnt

    Can you post a picture? A 'burnt' rig is often totally toasted and worthless. On the other hand, free is a good price.
  11. TreeClimber

    Happy new year folks

    Happy new year to all. Hoping y'all get to actually go four wheeling this year. Myself, heading to Hammers in a few weeks, and, in June going back to South Dakota to wheel the Black Hills. :cool: and, perhaps see the monuments on July 4th with the kids. Plus normal Washington and...
  12. TreeClimber

    [Ad Closed] Tj tub
  13. TreeClimber

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    2019. :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  14. TreeClimber

    Need BBC engine.

    Still looking. Found an engine in New Orleans, by my cousin. But that's a tad far for me.
  15. TreeClimber

    The end of the SECOND AMENDMENT in Wa.

    I shall sing it twice. I shall sing it loud. I shall sing it softly. I shall sing it in a chorus, and echo it off the mountaintops. I shall sing it in the shower. You shall not tell me how or where or why I cannot sing. Other than, of course, I shall also be singing it off key...
  16. TreeClimber

    The end of the SECOND AMENDMENT in Wa.

    An initiative was filed yesterday, perhaps the day prior, to recall the State's Attorney General. Premise being, that he's delinquent in his duty to enforce the State's Laws, namely the State Constitution which states Right to Keep Arms. Keep an eye on that political hot potato also.
  17. TreeClimber

    [Ad Closed] Tj tub
  18. TreeClimber

    Need BBC engine.

    Cost. Dad is 82. This truck goes elk hunting once a year, towing a 3000 pound travel trailer, and a truck load of propane, extra water, tarps, and whatnot. Dad doesn't drive any more, so, my cousin currently drives dad up to camp, and home. Other than that one yearly trip, it stays parked...
  19. TreeClimber

    Need BBC engine.

    still looking. really would like a TBI engine, so that I don't have intake manifold issues when swapping parts.