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    Monroe adventure park

    Anybody remember "prison break"? Anyone know why they're no longer open? Had a pretty good time there and it seemed like alot of people were into it so what happened?
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    Tires, wheels, and beadlocks

    Lookn to upgrade tires wheels and get beadlocks. Tires) I'm thinking TSL super swamper SX's in a 38X12.5. Spend most of my time at Walker and Elbe. Been hearing alot about "pitbull rock beasts" but never heard of them. Kinda old school and always thought the swampers were best for mud and...
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    Elbe Hills Watch This Fourwheelers

    Hey, so I was up at the rock bowl on Sat with you guys in the white samurai and there was a gal who mentioned that she had a video of us going up some of the rocks there. If there's any chance I could get my hands on that it would be great. Also, thanks for all the work your crew has put in at...
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    Gm alternator on 22r swapped samurai

    Curious if anyone has done the TG, GM alternator bracket on a 22r swapped samurai. Got the bracket today and alternator in route. Anybody know if it's gonna fit? Looks awfully tight against the PS box. I recall somebody makes a mount to mount it on the passenger side...any ideas? Thank you.
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    Samurai half doors

    I've wanted to do some half doors on the samurai for some time now and with the new facelift I figured why not now. I looked at alot of doors and mainly didn't like the idea of a rod sticking up or some other fashioned latching device and decided to keep the factory door latch and handles...
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    Cam or buckle style harness

    Looking to get some harnesses for my zook and would like to hear some opinions. I'm looking at two different styles of harness, one is a cam style and the other is a standard buckle style (similar to a factory seat buckle). I would like to hear what works best when dealing with mud, water and...
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    Samurai exo cage

    I'm building this exocage and I think I'm pretty close to being done and have a few questions. 1) did I go overkill on the two main hoops (driver to passenger). 2) Where/do I need gussets on this design. 3) Suggestions on how to weld joints on inside next to body? Any other tips or concerns...
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    Walker Valley wheeling/camping may 22 and 23

    Heading up Friday Afternoon and camping overnight. Coiled zook, 35s, locked front and rear. Just seeing if anyone else will be up there and wanna run some trails.
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    Walker Valley saturday aug 23rd wheeling/camping

    Heading up on sat. Gonna be there around 10:30am, hittn some trails and camping for the night. Coiled samurai with 35s, locked up front and spooled in the rear. LMK if you wanna meet up.
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    Walker Valley walker night wheeln

    So I recently got some new rock lights and bar. I'm just curious is night wheeln illegal? I'm thinkin if not, it might be kinda cool to setup a night trip if anyone else is interested. No date set as of now, just seeing if this is ok or who else might be interested.
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    voltage, wiring or alternator issues?

    First, you guys are always great at helping so thank you. I have an 82 samurai with a 22r motor. The issue I'm having is I recently installed a voltage meter and I noticed while the engine is running it sits at 13.5v but when I step on the breaks voltage drops to about 11v and returns to 13.5...
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    Elbe Hills whores, and watch this

    Wow, what a bunch of tool sheds. Never seen a group of such assholes with attidudes. You leave your trucks in the middle of the trail holding up others who wanna wheel instead of drink their faces off, then talk shit because the trucks they drive aren't beat to shit like yours? WHAT THE FUCK. A...
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    roll bar/ cage question

    I would like to enter in this years Prison Break Competition at Monroe Adventure Park and the rules state..."All vehicles fitted with soft tops must have roll bars. 5 point bars must keep the windshield up in locked position". I understand the roll-bar portion but can someone clarify for me..."5...
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    Ball joints or Heim joints?

    The balljoints in my entire steering setup are SHOT!!! I have see some guys have replaced their balljoints for heim joints. Im looking for some opinions and experiences with the heim joints. The vehicle is an 82 zuk w/ 35s, coiled with Toyota axles and Marlin hy-steer. Primarily trailered, but...
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    radiator brazing?

    I recently put a couple of holes in my radiator from the fan. Theres only a couple of holes to plug. My idea is to braze them closed from the outside using oaw. I would like to get a couple thoughts and ideas on this idea and if anyone has tried this before and what their results were. Thanks in...
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    im new

    Hey everyone. First off its great to be part of something local and i look forward to everyones feedback to questions i may have and i hope i can offer some in return. I have pretty much completed my 82 sj410 sammy which consist of F&R toyota axles (ifs rear and spacers in front) 22r w/ a...