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    suprised it hasnt come up

    but Randy's off road is having their show n shine tomarrow at the smokey point chevy dealership by the freeway lots of parking due to the dealership being closed down. :awesomework:
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    good crossmember for dana300

    going to be putting my dana300 behind a duffy box next week and I'm looking for a good crossmember for it. it's a 97xj. any info would be welcome
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    HD70 dually axle

    Are the brake's and drum's the same for chevy,dodge or are they different?
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    Mark M

    HAPPY B-DAY old man..:cheer::beer::cheer:
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    Is he still in Japan or is he back home??? man what a mess
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    anybody here live in port susan camping club

    in tulalip, wa? just curious I'll be moving there next week..
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    Free X box gold weekend

    for online play so dust off your xbox and lets race
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    grow a set

    grabbed this from another site :haha:
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    best video racing game

    been playing dirt 2 great game:awesomework: just got forza 3 and gotta say it's up there in my top 5 favorites:cheer::awesomework:
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    happy birthday boy's

    too megatoy 43 (old fart) and pooh 33 (young fart) have a great day...
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    Rubicon closure !!!!!

    help if you can please. Sorry crash didn't know where else to put this
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    happy birthday lucky jeff

    have a few :beer: :beer: :beer: :hi:
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    just wanted too say Happy birthday dude:cheer: :cheer:
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    did a 1st gen get together today and...

    this bronco came down from has a 4cyl. diesel 4500 5spd thought you guy's might want to check it out..the guy work's for PDR...
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    where is comet ???

    when you need him most..
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    (bfs)big fawkin spider

    now here is a big fawkin spider or Iraq..:eeek:
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    this suck's

    I heard from a friend that Sultan is having there shin dig this weekend.:mad: and that traffic is gonna suck ball's..last year it took me 1hr too get from Monroe too Sultan just too go wheeling at Reiter.well I guess I'm staying home and working a bit more on the jeep:rolleyes:
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    Head's up road closed up Reiter Rd !!

    if your heading to reiter this weekend for camping or wheeling .You should know that just before the rockgarden or(whores nest) the ROAD IS CLOSED both lanes from what bunk told me.he found out the hard way and had to back up the trailer a way's before he could turn around..
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    4inch exhaust pro's and con's

    well just picked up the tube and will be putting it on the truck tomarrow from the down pipe back no muffler and was wondering what to expect beside's it being louder that is.Will it help my exhaust temp's? will the turbo spool faster?the truck is a 93 dodge diesel stock but with 3200 gov spring...
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    crash is worth bank