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    King county SUCKS

    My dad bought a house a few yrs ago, king co is now saying he has to tear down buildings and permit to rebuild. The house and buildings were built in the 70's. My dad said there is a long list of this at the building dept right now, way to take advantage of the people in tough times.
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    how to pick up an abandoned jeep

    there is a jeep cherokee sitting in a parking lot where i carpool from. It's been there for at least a month (as long as i've been carpooling). It has not moved the entire time, even weekends. I emailed wsp no response yet. Is there any way i could pick it up and public notice it or...
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    avalanche aftermath

    Went hiking up gold creek sun, this was up in the alpine wilderness. I'm a snowmobiler so this is a little humbling.
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    sabotaged lug nuts?

    I noticed an odd noise from my front end lately, it was getting worse so i narrowed it to the wheels, checked the lugs and they were loose. They were just over hand tight, and only the front 2 wheels all the lugs were about the same. Has this ever happened to anyone? Sabotage or not. I...
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    New guy from snoqualmie pass. I'm wheelin another one of those soccer mom grand cherokee's. 6.5" L.A. lift, 33's, locked. I saw darby's post, and know him. Just figured i'd post a hello.